About WestCollections

WestCollections is what is known as an Institutional Repository (IR). It is a way to capture, organize, and preserve the scholarly output, creative activity, or other important documentation of faculty, students, and staff at Western Connecticut State University. WestCollections is WCSU’s way of joining thousands of other institutions in making research freely available in an open environment. Showcase your achievements, productivity, and contributions to the WCSU Community in a few clicks.

Placement of your work in the Institutional Repository has several benefits for you as an individual and for the university as a whole.

  1. Discovery: WestCollections is searched by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines, which means increased visibility of your research and creative activity. Items placed in WestCommons can be found by these search tools, world-wide, 24/7. More researchers can find your work.
  2. Professional advancement: Research studies indicate that articles made available in an IR have a greater frequency of being cited than articles available only in subscription based journals.
  3. Access and preservation: Items deposited in WestCollections have a permanent URL assigned to them, which provides long term access and preservation.
  4. Statistics: Receive an email providing statistics for number of downloads of your work.
  5. Convenience: Easy submission via online forms.
  6. Institutional Repositories bring together all of a University's research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. Individuals and departments can organize, share, and track their work.
  7. Institutional Repositories are an excellent vehicle for a variety of publications and creative work: published articles & working papers, books & book chapters, dissertations & theses, capstone projects, instructional materials, conference proceedings, various types of presentations, artwork & galleries, historical documents, and works not published elsewhere can be published in the IR.

The ideas, views, and opinions - expressed in documents and other forms of submissions contained within WestCollections - are those of the document authors and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint, official policy, or position of any departments or administration of Western Connecticut State University.

To learn more about Institutional Repositories, please visit Berkeley Press IR research.