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International students, challenge, CQR, counselor education, practicum/internship

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Counseling, Counselor Education


This qualitative study explores the practicum and/or internship experiences of international students in counseling. Based on the foundation of phenomenological research, this study uses a consensual qualitative research method. Semi-structured interview questionnaires asked ten participants regarding their experiences of practica and/or internships (including their fears, challenges, and support from training programs). Results revealed that the fears and challenges that international students face during the practicum and/or internship training primarily stemmed from their language barrier and/or a lack of understanding of the American counseling system. Our findings indicated that providing practical information, such as sites, the American counseling system, insurance, and cultures, in addition to ensuring that supervisors and faculty members increase in multicultural competency and sensitivity about international students, would improve international students’ preparation for their practica and/or internships.